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We’re making Finnish education attainable globally, focusing on Turkey and the surrounding regions by helping our Finnish and international partners and customers from education institutions, municipalities, and companies to develop their education services.

Through us, our partners are adapting the best practices from the Finnish multisectoral education system combined with business intelligence and vast pedagogical and educational understanding.

We operate on all levels of education from K12 to higher education.


Bridge services

Aeonian Solutions’ Bridge services help you to reach new markets and target countries whether you are an edtech provider, a higher education institution or other education service provider. Our years of expertise in international business and strategic market analysis provide you with the competitive advantage you need to succeed.


We help you in what ever challenge you might have encountered regarding learning and education as a service and education export and import. Let us help you to define the problem to be sold and help you find a long lasting solution to it.

Education design programs

Our state of the art education design program ranges from K12 to higher education. It adapts the best practices and latest pedagogical innovations from the Finnish education system to your environment, culture and legislation.

In all our operations we foster co-creative and educational approaches to reach the best results.

Strategic partnerships

Aeonian Solutions collaborates only with the best education institutions, EdTech companies and recognized specialists both in Finland and globally. We are happy to introduce them to you.


As proud members of Education Finland, we aim to make Finnish education the global standard. Our services help you gain competitive advantage in the global markets.
Education Finland is a governmental cluster programme supporting the best education providers in their growth on the international market. The programme is coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Education Export & Import

We can help you develop your products and services for export, enter new markets and become an attractive education provider for students outside the EU/ETA area.
Commercialization of education services and products, developing education institutions operations, developing sales, analyzing new markets and finding new partners is what we are all about. In our core we cherish co-creative working methods to truly respond to customer needs.

ECEC and Primary Education

The Aeonian Solutions' ECEC and Primary Education services help you to adapt the best practices and latest pedagogical innovations from the Finnish educational system to your environment, customs and legislation.
We offer your professionals teacher training programs, learning space evaluation and design, as well as curriculum design with the best professionals from Finland.

EdTEch solutions

We work with EdTech in two ways - we deliver you the best solutions from Finland but we also find Finnish EdTech providers best customers.
Take your education to the next level with best Finnish EdTech solutions! We help you with ensuring best procurements and help train your staff.

For EdTech providers we offer full account management and user support in the customer’s own language. Don’t miss out on this turnkey service!

HE Policy Consultations

Knowledge is power - our goal is to empower you. We can help you understand and anticipate the coming political changes and analyse local political situations in your target countries.
The political status quo regarding higher education is changing rapidly in Europe and the world. The globalization and massification of (higher) education requires response from the EU as well as other global powers and this impacts the operating environment of all education business actors. We will help you anticipate and overcome the changes.

HE Alumni Operations

The potential of (international) alumni is vastly underestimated in Finland. With the Aeonian Solutions Alumni Network Model you can reach the full potential of your alumni.
Utilizing the power and networks of alumni as donors, ambassadors and leads should be a top priority of every self-respecting education institution. Our network model, based on vast academic research, will strengthen the connection between alumni and the Alma Mater.



Phase 1: Exploring

The first stage of the Aeonian Solutions’ Pedagogical Approach is exploring the case with the customer:

  • Setting up the first meeting.
  • Exploring the case with the client’s key stakeholders and actors.
  • Listing the expectations that the client has regarding the case.
  • Specifying Aeonian Solutions initial thoughts and expectations.
  • Drafting a road map for the execution of the case.

Phase 2: Analyzing

The second stage focuses on gathering and analyzing relevant data for the case:

  • One-on-one meetings with all parties relevant to the case.
  • Gathering case-related data from the customer.
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Deciding steps and methods for following stages.
  • Creating a road map for the execution phase.

Phase 3: Planning a roadmap

The third step is the planning of the road map. This stage might include elements such as:

  • Selection and custoization of training series for customer stakeholders and actors.
  • Designing work and facilitation sessions.
  • Identifying relevant partners

Phase 4: Delivering

In the fourth phase, Aeonian Solutions’ specialist team will deliver the results and give recommendations regarding the project according to the roadmap created.

  • Conducting training programs
  • Procurement and implementation of new solutions
  • Problem solving and design workshops
  • Written report of the case analysis and future recommendations.
  • Gathering feedback of the process for the final phase

Phase 5: Learning

While we make sure you’ll learn each step of the way, in the last phase of our service model the Aeonian Solutions specialist team goes through the process with you. The purpose is to highlight and become aware of all learnings and future development areas. Our aim is to ensure a positive learning experience for You.

  • Learning road map and feedback report.
  • Final analysis report of the case from start to end.
  • Suggestions for the future.



Our solutions are customized according to your needs and our purpose is to form solid partnerships in order to create lasting solutions. Our partners are the best educational service providers and recognized specialists to ensure everything offered through Aeonian Solutions is top quality.

We operate with a pedagogical approach – solutions are not enough; you will learn in the process.

Masters in our field

We not only work with the best of the best - we are the best! Combined together, the Co-Founders of Aeonian Solutions have over 30 years of experience in education, business and sales.

Pedagogical Approach

Solutions are not enough - you will learn in the process! Our unique approach ensures long term results and change.

Co-creation is in our core

We have years of experience in co-creation and innovative working methods, proven to be the best way to respond to local and customer specific needs.
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Full Confidentiality

We operate under full confidentiality through disclosure agreements. In the highly competitive education export business, discretion is our game.

Online Solutions

We operate both on-site and online. Our platform gives you access to Aeonian Solutions from anywhere in the world and all services are produced by learning design and online pedagogical experts


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